What does design critiques wants you to build?

Are you a designer who does not love critiques, then it’s time for you to think again do you want to be designer?

Designer who don’t like critique are not able to produce good design. I believe designer himself should be the to criticize his own design.

Designer get best out of them when they follow some good and interesting process critiques techniques. It also help you to build the product which is meaningful.

Designer need to understand what critiques want them to build. Critiques want them to build the best possible solution for the problem they are trying to solve. But most of the designer ignore critiques and believe that what they have designed is the best possible solution, which lead their design to mediocrity and make them one of many solution or designer available.

What designer also need to understand is critiques (feedback) should the part of the process.

Critiques helps you to push your boundaries, make you think beyond the obvious solution for a particular problem, it helps you to build and experience which works as pain killer for user and not just vitamin.

Critiques also need to follow some process, way the critiques are communicated, it should have consistencies in structure. Timing is also very important, which stage of design you are giving feedback, what is the objective behind criticism, what is the expected output after feedback etc..

Feedback should start with positive note like “Good Work”, it makes designer feel good and prepares him take the feedback in constructive way, overall it will build trust in mind of designer and also some specific about output will help him to focus on right direction. It also helps him to learn something new from feedback, give him a vision from a different angle and help him stay constructive.

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