Learning from the history

Learning from the history, how user experience with your product is the base to start working on redesigning your user experience of your product.

After having look at the current experience, prepare the list of all the processes in your product with the problem user faces while performing that process.

Then do some research that how is your competitors, other products are trying to solve these problems. This will not only help you to get list of solution but also help you to develop new ways of thinking. Make a list of the solution that you find after doing the research. Short the list in order in which best suits your requirement. Try to implement the solution in one process and see how it works for your user.

Every solution will help you to learn new lessons about user and their behavior’s which lead you to design better experience for all your current and future products.

The number one thing to learn is user behavior’s, it can be from user itself or can be from competitor’s or from some other products

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