Can UX Taught?

The plain and simple answer to this is No.

You cannot tech any one how to design a good UX. What we generally teach designer is the methods to design UX and than validate that UX

The simple definition of UX is common sense, if design has good common sense and if he put himself in place user and think what user will like to next he will automatically get the answer of how UX should be and that way he can design the best UX possible

But in todays world where UX has take a seat at table, company are looking to hire UX designer based on their degree and not on how they think, to which self taught good UX designer become victim of, and both miss. Designer miss the good project and company miss the good designer.

Its really time to ask, or even validate the way companies are hiring UX designer.

What should the correct way of hiring UX designer based on their degree or based on how they think?

What should be the question asked for interview? What are the methods to design UX or what do you believe if good UX?

Whom should you hire? The person who give you technically right answer which are available in books, or the person who does not know how to define UX, but can make you feel what good UX feels like

What should the correct train designer for UX or tech what is UX design?

Looking forward about your thoughts

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