Average users – as Dataset

Average user spend about x minutes on our app / website what does this metrics tell you.

This metrics tell you nothing.

what are the possibilities that average users are spending time on your app / website?

On good side content on your app / website is too good to people are spending x minutes


Experience of your app / website so good that user like to stick with app / website for long time


Your app / website is solving some of the core problem of human life so your time spend is more on your app / website


On the other side all above reason are your assumption looking are your analytics data, you can’t trust your analytics data till time they don’t have intelligence to prove the exact reason why users are spending much time at your app / website

The other reason that users must have spend more time can be


Your web experience is too bad, so users are not able to locate the activity that want to perform very easily, hence they spend more time to figure way to perform that activity


Some users just open your app / website and left it open in background for some reason. So the time that analytics show is quite high on average than its actual.

And their can be many more scenarios like these, where user are spending time without intension.


What does when we look at some average?

It hides the facts about why user are spending time on your app / website instead of exposing what is not working for you.


What the question that need to ask before looking average?


What it is the difference between one normal user time spend and average?

If the difference is small that means all user are spending time in same pattern, which can be good for you. If the difference is big that means that some data is wrong somewhere


So the conclusion is that we can’t just have a look at average of any data, we need to validate by deep diving into it by asking some logical question to get better answer. Are analytics being good, but still need to smart enough that they can prepare some question themselves and create some data set for us with validation. It would be great is we can have someone like Travis from Iron Man who give full insights of data by just asking on question

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