Regrets as fuel

Regretting about your past¬†mistakes will do no good for you in the future. Only when you gain experience from past mistakes that helps you do better work today then they’ve served a useful purpose of teaching you to do better.

“I wish I’d kept user in mind while¬†designing.”

“I should have been more careful before creating new features for my product”

“I could have been more seamless about user sign up”

Most of the time, we think of these above statements after we finish some product design or after finishing design for some new feature set for our product. But that’s the big problem with all of us, these thoughts blocks us from thinking for better option. We continue to think about these mistakes and we block our self from creating better experience

These thoughts can be useful when you learn from them and move on before starting new project, so that these mistakes are not repeated and we can build best design for the product

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