Is mobile app paying you

The cost of your mobile app can be more than what you think.

Need or Branding? You build mobile app for your product or website using best technology available, with clean and beautiful user interface and best possible user experience. It just makes you proud that you have the best mobile app in world and you just love to play with it.

Have you ever analyzed whether user needs a mobile app to use your product or site. Is your mobile app kind of nice to have or must have for your users? Is he going to use your product on daily basis for which he requires your app to enhance his experience? These are few but very important questions you should answer before working on your product mobile strategy

If majority of your answers are “No” then think and design for mobile strategy accordingly

If you are a startup which can live without a mobile app and create value for your user with better experience using web, then go for it as the estimate cost of having mobile app can be way more then you think

Focus on user experience and not just having fancy assets like mobile app which can be good to have for company branding but not great for your balance sheet

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