Getting ahead vs. doing well

In a product company we always find 2 department fighting always,

That two departments are, product and design, the argument is always product department want more features vs. designer want one feature to be done right and till date there is no clear answer to this argument.

In fact, we are still not very clear what should be the right approach to our product strategy. We have seen in past that both the strategy is working fine with many product company, for e.g. Uber does your travel easy, it does only one thing but does it very beautiful way always try to build the best ever experience that a user can get in booking the cab for travel. Other e.g. is Yahoo or Google, I don’t know if this is right comparison. But both companies provide you with lost of options, or features to consume information, mail, etc. and both company are successful.

There are two challenges here. The first challenges with doing one thing right is that, after certain point things go monotonous for user, you have reached to level in experience which is best possible and you have nothing to do in your product, so then you look for diversity in your product. And the other challenge with multiple product offering is that your users gets divided all over, so it might happen that some of your product have very thin user base and make it difficult to maintain

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