Easy is big virus

Making things easy is one of the moto of any UX designer’s life.

UX designers are always told in brief that, “Try to make things easy”, this “easy” word is now acting as big virus for any designers.

Actually UX designers always get kind of common brief when they start with any project, irrespective of the kind of project that is, for e.g. a e commerce website or a content driven website or a SaaS project or a complex platform to be build.

For above all the project what brief we get is very common, few common lines are

We want to make this product very simple

We want this product to be very easy to use

We want this product to be X (Uber) of the Y (manufacturing) industry.

We want this product to be intuitive.

We want to follow minimalism in our project. And many more such lines.

And when are ask few question about what they mean by words like, simple, easy, intuitive etc. either they don’t have answer or they give answer are not relevant to the project itself or they will give some kind of example of some other industry which makes no sense to designer to understand what they are looking for.

In fact, what they should so is give the over view of their current project and let the designer as they some relevant question and prepare his own brief.

As sometime some project does not require just UX design, but need to design new process for origination which is part of UX but yet people don’t believe it.

If UX designer are given the liberty of design something from end to end which including redesigning of current process, they might design wonders for that product. As sometimes constraint of following some process block them by building something new and they end up building X for Y industy.

So bottom line is UX designer should not be given any common brief, in fact they should not be given any brief, the best way is let them ask question about everything in the product and prepare their own brief.

Like what is current process?

What are the pain point all are facing using the current system, not just user but also all the stack holder of the project?

This kind of research help them to think better and come out with something which not just copy of some X experience

So build your own brief, don’t follow any standard practice, create your own process. All what matters is the out and not what process you followed to build this “GREAT EXPERIENCE”

Start building

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