Average Experience

Every project you do is either you build seamless experience or you learn about experience that is mediocrity for user

The next ux project you work on

The different categories of ux you work on

The different team size you work with

Each project is a choice.

Choice to raise your experience with user, either you will build seamless experience or something mediocrity for user

Experience always is a series of choices, an inexorable move toward mediocrity, or seamless experience

Process and output

These are the ways with which we measure any designer, they can be UX, UI, Visual etc.

Designer’s output is not any process driven results. It mainly depends upon the observation done by them.

They just don’t make things beautiful but they also take experience of users to next level. They try to make user experience seamless and frictionless

The designer’s job is not done after the design is finished. In fact the actual job of designer start after the design is done.

Job of observing user how they are experiencing their design.

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