Getting ahead vs. doing well

In a product company we always find 2 department fighting always,

That two departments are, product and design, the argument is always product department want more features vs. designer want one feature to be done right and till date there is no clear answer to this argument.

In fact, we are still not very clear what should be the right approach to our product strategy. We have seen in past that both the strategy is working fine with many product company, for e.g. Uber does your travel easy, it does only one thing but does it very beautiful way always try to build the best ever experience that a user can get in booking the cab for travel. Other e.g. is Yahoo or Google, I don’t know if this is right comparison. But both companies provide you with lost of options, or features to consume information, mail, etc. and both company are successful.

There are two challenges here. The first challenges with doing one thing right is that, after certain point things go monotonous for user, you have reached to level in experience which is best possible and you have nothing to do in your product, so then you look for diversity in your product. And the other challenge with multiple product offering is that your users gets divided all over, so it might happen that some of your product have very thin user base and make it difficult to maintain


UX designer should always emphasis on lean UX methodology as that is a do-able in any given situation.

Given that you will always find all the resources require to practice lean UX in your design studio or organization

He should always try to build the culture of practicing lean UX in his studio or organization. Which will help to to validate his experience that he has designed which will lead to ship a better product in very less time.

Lean UX is very essential for any organization for their growth strategies, it can give them cutting edge against their competitors.

Going with traditional process of user experience can b bit costly for early stage startups, but lean UX is something that they can adopt without any cost. Also traditional UX process can be time consuming compared to lean UX

Follow lean UX methodology and improve experience of your product by 10x (approx.) if followed in perfect pattern


Happy building experience!

Why data analysis?

Why add analytics to our product, just to see bounce rate, unique visit,source of traffic etc. ?

How did you choose these metrics?

What you trying to analyze with these metrics, users or your revenue growth?

Or for your investors to show your user growth?

You invest lot of time, money and human resource in setting up analytics for your product. So be wise, choose right metrics for your product.

Metrics that help you to improve your user experience and not just bounce rate etc. Take care of your user and their experience and your product and revenue growth will follow.

Looking for change in all the wrong places

If you’re doing something important, trying to create new experience or trying to improve the current experience of user you are working for change

Change is the most difficult thing to achieve and often impossible.

What are you trying to change, user behavior or your product experience based on user behavior?

The more you get clear about change you want to bring and why user will adopt that change the more likely you will achieve it

So dig into your project and understand very deeply, get your mantra, like what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve and how you want to achieve. If answer to these questions are in place before starting you project than the output of your project will be way beyond your expectation.

So Start right, and follow

What to show as portfolio?

Every UX designer has to decide when showing the project done, should they only show their top and well done project or all project including the project fucked by them but also thought them some important facts.

If you only show top and good project, then the employer / clients will setup high expectations.

And the moment you start the project and show some output you might disappoint them.

Rather solution to this problem is show everything you did good bad and explain them what you learnt from bad one and how you improved in other project.

This set up the stage for you that even if you are not good for your first attempt you can improve with feedback.

Happy ending

Meaning of percent in UX

Just about everyone can imagine what it would be like to add 10% more to their conversation.

So how did you increase your conversations percent

  1. Stop all channel which has higher bounce rate
  2. Increase the spend on channel which have lower bounce rate
  3. Reduce the price of the products

And many such ways. If you notice all the above option have very less to do with your ux process. For e.g. you build the best shopping experience of the world then you start advertising on very bad network which has 90% of bounce rate, now what will you do as ux guy to increase your conversation ratio

Answer : Nothing period.

So if you are in UX look at right metric take right approach after looking at that metrics

Is mobile app paying you

The cost of your mobile app can be more than what you think.

Need or Branding? You build mobile app for your product or website using best technology available, with clean and beautiful user interface and best possible user experience. It just makes you proud that you have the best mobile app in world and you just love to play with it.

Have you ever analyzed whether user needs a mobile app to use your product or site. Is your mobile app kind of nice to have or must have for your users? Is he going to use your product on daily basis for which he requires your app to enhance his experience? These are few but very important questions you should answer before working on your product mobile strategy

If majority of your answers are “No” then think and design for mobile strategy accordingly

If you are a startup which can live without a mobile app and create value for your user with better experience using web, then go for it as the estimate cost of having mobile app can be way more then you think

Focus on user experience and not just having fancy assets like mobile app which can be good to have for company branding but not great for your balance sheet

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